Based in Hatred; Violence Against Women Are Political.

TRIGGER WARNING FOR murder, death, short description of a crime scene

I decided to make this carrd for my foreign friends who do not speak Turkish, so that they can also learn that women and LGBTQ+ community are having a hard time in Turkey right now and WE NEED HELP!

Some of you may have heard that the homicide rate of women in Turkey are quite high. In 2020 only, 110 women have been murdered by men and roughly 400 women die each year. You can check to see the names of every women who were murdered since 2008 as well as some information about their killings. (Sadly, the site is in Turkish and it only includes the cases that weere reported on the news.)

On July 21st, we woke up to the news of another young woman's death. Her name was Pınar Gültekin and she was missing for 5 days. Her body was found in a barrel, she was strangled to death. The murderer CEMAL METİN AVCI tried to hide the body by burning it and putting it in a barrel then filling the barrel with concrete.

Women all over the country were strucked by this incident. Some people tried to say Pınar was to blame because the murderer was her ex-boyfriend. Some said she was asking for it. We all know these comments, we've all heard it, they do not exist in one country, one society. But we also know that it doesn't matter if the murderers knew these women or not. We know that women are not the one's with the fault.

We say "Kadın Cinayetleri Politiktir! / Homicides of Women Are Political!" over and over again on social media because they ARE political. The government does nothing to stop them, does not fairly punish the murderers. They're even talking about removing the Istanbul Convention (İstanbul Sözleşmesi) which makes all kinds of violence against women and LGBTQ+ community a crime.

How can you help us?

Spread awareness, be our voice internationally, sign petitions! The fight against violence and gender inequality is OUR FIGHT.

Please help us by signing some petitions and amplifying our voices on social platforms.

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